live shows

///3rd/// Wolvennest@Magasin 4 Bxl (be)

///13th/// SOLO@Théâtre de la Rianderie Marcq-en-Bareuls (fr)

///30th/// Solo@galerie Stimultania, Strasbourg (fr)
///29th/// Solo/soleil Noir@Rotondes, Luxembourg (lu)
///14th/// Wolvennest@Trix Antwerpen (be) Desert Fest
///7th/// duo Van Gulick/Casamitjana Tournai (be)
///1st/// Edwood Jr@la Girafe ronde Marvejols (fr)

///30th/// Edwood Jr@Cirque Electrique Paris (fr)
///23th/// Edwood Jr@Condition Publique (fr) festival Cross road 
///17th/// Edwood Jr@Atelier 210 Bruxelles (be)

///20th/// SOLO@Atlantik Wall Oostende (be)

///30th/// Edwood Jr@le Croiseur lyon (fr)
///29th/// Edwood Jr@le Klub Paris (fr)
///19th/// SUM OF R@Périscope Lyon (fr) w/Aluk Todolo
///18th/// SUM OF R@Kaschemme Basel (ch) w/Aluk Todolo
///17th/// SUM OF R@Festival FUNKENFLUG Abtenau (au) w/Aluk Todolo
///16th/// SUM OF R@Hugo Prat Feldkirch (au) w/Aluk Todolo
///14th/// SUM OF R@Dürer Kert Budapest (h) w/Aluk Todolo
///13th/// SUM OF R@Žižkostel Prague (cr) w/Aluk Todolo
///12th/// SUM OF R@Kawiarnia Naukowa  Krakow (po) w/Aluk Todolo
///11th/// SUM OF R@Urban Spree Berlin (ge) w/Aluk Todolo
///10th/// SUM OF R@Ebretias Zürich (ch) w/Aluk Todolo
///9th/// SUM OF R@l'usine Genèva (ch) w/Aluk Todolo
///8th/// SUM OF R@Dastoche Reitschule (ch) w/Black Lung
//4th/// SOLO@Mönchengladbach (ge)

//26th/// Edwood Jr@Stimultania Strasbourg (fr)
///21th/// Edwood Jr@Le Grand Mix Tourcoing (fr) w/ SUNNS
///20th/// SUM OF R@SAS Delemont (ch) w/ Wrekmeister Harmonies
///10th/// Edwood Jr@La Malterie Lille (fr) w/ Wrekmeister Harmonies
///8th/// SUM OF R@Röte Fabrich, Zürich (ch) W/ Pelican
///7th/// SUM OF R@Liedstadt (ch)

///29th/// Wolvennest@ Beurs Brusells (be)
///24th/// Edwood Jr@Le Ferrailleur (fr)
///23th/// Edwood Jr@Confort Moderne (fr)
//21th/// Edwood Jr@Utopitre Le Mans (fr)
///8th/// Edwood Jr@la Zone Liège (be) INSERT NAME festival

///25th/// Tympani solo@La Rotonde Luxembourg (Lu) TBC
///23th/// Tympani solo@La fache cachée Metz (Fr) TBC
///23th/// Tympani solo@Fragment Metz (Fr) for "12h12"
/// 22th/// Tympani solo@Monolithe Nancy (Fr)
/// 20th/// Tympani solo@festival Econore Mönchengladbach (Ger)
///10th/// Soleil Noir Carte Blanche@Mudam Luxembourg (Lu)
/// 9th/// Night of Druming III@CaféCentral Brussels (Be)
///6th/// Bison Bisou@6par4 Laval (Fr) opening for JC SATAN

///13th/// drum solo@Magasin 4 Brussels (Be) opening for LOCRIAN

November 15th
///13th/// Bisou Bisou@St Brieux la Citrouille
///12th/// Bisou Bisou@Orléans 108 w/ Monde de merde, Robot orchestra
///11th/// Bisou Bisou@Chamberry Brin de Zinc
///10th/// Bisou Bisou@Montpellier Black Sheep
///7th/// Bisou Bisou@Marseille Dame des 5
///6h/// Bisou Bisou@Tulles Lendemain qui chantent
///5th/// Bisou Bisou@Rennes Bar'hic w/ Corbeau
///4th/// Bisou Bisou@Nantes Scène Michelet
///2nd/// Bisou Bisou@Petits bain Paris w/Peter Kernel

October 15th
///31th/// Solo@les brasseurs Liege (be)
///21th/// Bisou Bisou@release party MDF Lille (fr)
///17th/// Bisou Bisou@Rockfeest Hondschoote (fr)
///10th/// Bisou Bisou@Marbehan (be)

September 15th
///11th/// solo Architectural resonance@City Sonic festival Mons (be)

July 15th
///10th/// Solo drum set@De ruim Genth (be)

May 15th
///28th/// Bison Bisou@In Out Liège (be)
///20th/// Musique pour 30 chaises@ Musique Action Nancy (fr)
///19th/// ((OW-WOA))@ Musique Action Nancy (fr)
///16th///  Solo drums+Richard Comte@CCL Lille (fr)
///15th///  Solo drums+Richard Comte@Ciné Palace Courtrai (be)
///14th///  Solo drums+Richard Comte@L'an Vert Liège (be)
///8th/// Bison Bisou@Nymby Thionville (fr)
///7th/// Bison Bisou@la Souris Verte Epinal (fr)

March 15th
///26th/// Bison Bisou@Lune des Pirates Amiens (fr)
///25th/// Bison Bisou@Appart' Café Reims (fr)
///19th/// Solo drum@UMB Mons (be) Conference/performance

February 15th
///4th/// solo (tympani set)@Points Cultures Bruxelles Festival Propulse OFF
///3rd/// solo (tympani set)@Café Central with Richard Comte

December 14th
///4th/// Bison Bison@Transmusicales de Renne

November 14th

///15th/// solo "Architectural Resonance"@Galerie ALBERT by le VECTEUR/INCISE 

///8th/// solo (tympani set)@ROCKERILL Noise Fest 

///7th/// Bison Bison@médiathèque Faches-Thumesnil 

September 14th
///28th/// Architectural Resonance@Electricity festival Reims (fr)
///20th/// Architectural Resonance@Condition Publique Roubaix (fr)
///11th/// Tympani set with Anna Gaïotti@Park in Progress/City Sonic festival MOns (be)

June 14th
///20th/// Acoustic solo drum set@Art Kontemporain Liège
///14th/// Acoustic solo drum set@STEREOLITHE festival Nancy (fr)
///7th/// Acoustic tympani set@La Carotte BxL

May 14th
///14th/// ÜBERMENSCH@café central BxL
trio Maurice charles JJ/Richard Comte/Jason VAN GULICK
+Gasper Piano solo
///10th/// Théâtre de Liege Nuit Occulte  UNGROUND video (Bouschet/Hilbert)
///6th/// Magasin 4 Brussels (be) with ZEV' and The NOISER

April 14th
///30th/// CIrque Electrique Paris(fr) by COAX
///27th/// APO 33 Nantes (fr) drum festival
///26th/// L'Antre-Peaux Bourges (fr) "UNGROUND"exhibition with Gast Bouschet and Nadine Hilbert
///23rd/// la Soquette Nevers (fr)

///21th/// L'Entrepôt Arlon ( be) invited by SOLEIL NOIR

February 14th 

///19th, 20th, 21th/// Collectif déga!  I.R.M Garage Oiseau-Mouche Roubaix (fr)

///7th///  LÊ QUAN Ninh, Jason Van Gulick duet

Condition Publique Roubaix
for exibition opening from Frederic Le Junter
//6th///  LÊ QUAN Ninh, Jason Van Gulick duet
Ateliers Claus Cricks street Brussels (be)

January 14th
///22nd/// "Night of Drumming 2" @ Café Central BxL
Peter Orins Solo
La Machine Noire (Guillaume Leboisselier/TSEG)
Les Percussions de Schaerbeek (Jason Van Gulick/Matthieu C. Verges)

December 13th
///14th/// Lille @"Martin et Yasmine"
Tympani set in appartement
///13th/// Kortrijt @ Ciné Palace
Siken Tofu Night label Tympani set

November 13th
///19th/// Brussels (be)@ La Porte Rouge
"Marseille-Brussels" a musician meeting (improv, XP)
///14th/// Antwerpen (be) "Ceremony of the Ascension 2013"

October 13th
///11th/// Roubaix (fr)@Condition Publique "ROUBAIX L'ACCORDEON" Festival
Duo Bacon/Van Gulick 
///4th///  Liège (be)@Quinzaine numérique

September 13th
///28th/// Brussels (be)@Ateliers Claus for "Grand Re-Opening"
///21st/// Liège (be)@artqontemporain for "les musicales en Neuvice".
Tympani set, opening for Steffen Basho-Junghans (de)
///14th/// Charleroi (be)@Rockerhill "FLESH FACTORY FESTIVAL III"
SOTO duo Franck/Van Gulick (exp/improv)

August 13th
///24th/// Oostende (be)@Atlantik wall nocturne, Solo tympani ! 2 set between 6pm an 10pm!
with Feine Trickers, Bei Pinkels Daheim, Filip Gheysen, Traumasutra.
///23rd/// Brussels@Abbaye de Forest, Usine Bis, Solo tympany !5pm!

June 13th
///20th/// Reims(fr)@l'appart café*
///19th/// Nancy(fr)@le Totem*
///18th/// Mulhouse(fr)@Chapelle St-Jean for "Rhein Session"*
///16th/// Blois(fr)@"chez Matthias"*
///15th/// Bourges(fr)@le Manoir*
///13th/// Lille(fr)@le Biplan*
*  : on tour with HIPPIE DIKAT
///10th/// Brussels@HS 63

May 13th
///31st///  Nantes (fr) at APO33 
///30th///  Tours (fr) at Rexy
///25th///  Reims (fr) at l'Ecluse with LENA CIRCUS
///22nd/// Brussels (be) at Café Central NOISE AND DRUM : Yannick Franck/jason VAN GULICK
///20th///  Brussels (be) at Chaff with PRSZR (pl) 
///18th///  Aalst (be) at Netwerk with Adam BOHMAN, Maurice Charles JJ, Lazara ROSELL ALBEAR
///2nd///   Brussels (be) at LE CHAT BORGNE 

April 13th
///28th///  Kortrijt (be) at Ciné Palace with This Quiet Army (ca)
///27th///  Béthencourt (fr) at l'Auréole with This Quiet Army (ca)
///26th///  Bruges (be) at "Donkey Ateliers" with This Quiet Army (ca) and Sequences (be)
///24th///  Genth (be) at "019" with This Quiet Army (ca) and Sequences (be)
///20th///  Lièges (be) at L'AN VERT with PHIL MAGGI/PHIL CAVALERI + ORDINAIRE

January 13th
///3rd///   Madrid (Es) at festival "DRUMMING" la casia encendia
///4th///   Luxembourg (Lu) at "CASINO" with Steve O'MALLEY
for the BOUSCHET/HILBERT exhibition "UNGROUND"

November 12th
///25th/// Tourcoing (fr) at l'Hospice d'Havré opening for Colin STETSON
///14th/// Brussels (be)at CAFE CENTRAL release party with HIPPIE DIKTAT

October 12th
///5th///   Brussels (be) at Bed & Breakfeast
///19th/// Lille (fr) at MONKS café with Cheyenne 40
///20th/// Reims (fr) at MJC le FLAMBEAU with KOUMA, HELVED RÜMS

April 12th
///18th/// Brussels (be) at CAFE CENTRAL "a night of drumming" with TSEG and EL SANTO
///7th///   Antwerpen (be)  at SCHELDAPEN opening for NEPTUNE
///5th///   Brussels(be) at MAGASIN 4 opening for NEPTUNE

March 12th
///30th/// Brussels (be) at ATELIERS CLAUS opening for DISAPPEARS
///14th/// Brussels (be) at ATELIERS CLAUS opening for Stephan Mathieu et Tashi Wada 

December 11th
///11th/// Brussels (be) at la RTT (one more time :) with  Chris Farmer, Hyppi Death Suite,  
Stig Noise System

May 11th
///20th/// Brussels (be) at la RTT with QA'A, Antichronique, Industroika
///18th/// Brussels (be) at MAGASIN4 with DOUBLE-NELSON and THANK YOU
///3rd///   Lille (fr) at la Malterie with ED WOOD JUNIOR and PNEU

April 11th
///5th///   Brussels (be) at le café central with Chris FARMER and MUEROS

///22nd/// Reims (fr) at CROUS de la fac de lettre with HIPPIE DIKTAT and BARBEROS
///20th///  Brussels (be) at la RTT with SOMNA and LOUP
///19th///  Paris (fr) at RIGOLETTO with SOMNA, LOUP, DDJ 

Collectif Déga!
///12th april 23rd/// Brussels at MAGASIN 4  with SKIV TRIO and SLEEP PARTY PEOPLE
///12th may 29th///  Brussels at café CENTRAL with CROCUS  

///11th oct 26th///  Brussels at MAGASIN4 with the Noiser and KK NULL 
///11th may 24th/// Brussels at le café central 
///10th oct 31st///   Brussels at MAGASIN4 with phil MAGGI and KK NULL