///Happy new year///

The first series of Architectural Resonance performances is fenced by providing Charleroi to Incise gallery (
https://vimeo.com/116528880 : watching until the end there is a surprise :)
Another series prepares for April-May 2015 that on March 17th at the St. Nicolas church in Mons.
The performance will be preceded by a conference at the School of Architecture of Mons.

Bison Bisou
After a few gigs in France, particularly in Transmusicales Rennes are currently preparing the recording of some tracks.

Collectif Déga!
After working on the MRI show in February 2014, we will be found to begin a new phase of work on new projects. In the meantime here's a video montage of the show:

///3rd feb///  Solo (tympani)@Café central BxL with Richard Comte
///4th feb/// Solo (tympani)@Points Cultures BxL for festival Propulse Off
///26th mach/// Bison Bisou@La Lune des Pirates Amiens (fr)


///BISON BISOU /// on tour


/// News nov 14 /// Next gig

I just joigned since last summer the french rock band BISON BISOU.
We start with some gigs in France.
All info here :

Next Gig : 
///7th nov/// Bison Bison@médiathèque Faches-Thumesnil 
Lille(fr) 6:30 pm free

///8th nov/// solo (tympani set)@ROCKERILL Noise Fest 
Charleroi (be) 9pm
///15th nov/// solo "Architectural Resonance"@Galerie ALBERT by le VECTEUR/INCISE Charleroi (be) 7:30 pm free
///28th nov/// Bison Bisou@La cave à Musique Macon (fr)
///29th nov/// Bison Bisou@Le Camji Niort (fr)
///4th dec/// Bison Bisou@Transmusicales Rennes (fr)



After Roubaix and Reims in France, FIRST performance in Belgium in Congres station by Recyclart
Thursday, october 9th 
8pm 5 euros



After a week of rehersal and performing at Condition Publique Roubaix, I'm finalising my bigest solo project for performing it at Reims for the opening of Elektricity festival.
It'll take at Halles Boulingrin, a building from the start of the 20th century.
See you there :)


Next performance 
///oct    9th/// Brussels (be) Congres station
///nov 15th/// Charleroi (be) Bernard Galerie