Before leaving for few holydays, I leave you with an extract of my new solo project : 
"Architectural Resonance".
Rec at Rockerill Charleroi june 14th

On stage soon  : 
///Sept 20th///
Condition Publique/Halle B Roubaix for patrimony days
5pm free
///Sept 28th///
Halle Boulingrin Reims opening for the ELEKTRICITY festival!!! organising by CESARE
6pm free
///Oct 9th///
Congres Station Bruxelles organising by  RECYCLART
8pm free
///Nov 15th///
INCISE galerie organising by VECTEUR Charleroi
Architecture school of Mons organising by  TRANSCULTURES

Architectural Resonance /// Jason Van Gulick /// extract 2 from jason VAN GULICK on Vimeo.


Next Gig June 14th

June 14th
Acoustic tympani@la Carotte BxL
PARTYCUL SYTEM label Birthday

Acoustic solo drum@STEREOTYPE festival Nancy (fr)

Acoustic solo drum@Art Qontemporain Liège


Unground extended Bourges Haïdouc April 26th 14

Tympani set with the video of Gast Bouschet and Nadine Hilbert.


Next gigs March/April/May 14


L'Entrepôt Arlon (be) invited by SOLEIL NOIR
The collectif invite me for participe at them performance EQUINOCTIAL info

April 14th 
French tour spring 
///23rd/// la Soquette Nevers (fr)
///26th/// L'Antre-Peaux Bourges (fr) "UNGROUND"exhibition with Gast Bouschet and Nadine Hilbert. info
///27th/// APO 33 Nantes (fr) drum festival
///30th/// CIrque Electrique Paris(fr) by COAX

May 14th
///6th/// Magasin 4 BxL with ZEV' and the Noiser
///10th/// Théâtre de Liege Nuit Occulte UNGROUND vidéo`
///14th/// ÜBERMENSCH@Cafe Central (Maurice charles JJ/Richard Comte/jason Van Gulick)
///27th/// ÜBERMENSCH@Magasin 4 BxL


Next Gig Jan/feb 14

January 14

"Night of Drumming 2" @ Café Central BxL
Peter Orins Solo
La Machine Noire (Guillaume Leboisselier/TSEG)
Les Percussions de Schaerbeek (Jason Van Gulick/Matthieu C. Verges)

February 14

Ateliers Claus Cricks venue Brussels (be)
LÊ QUAN Ninh, Jason Van Gulick duet
+Eli Kezler

Condition Publique 
Roubaix (fr)
LÊ QUAN Ninh, Jason Van Gulick duet
+Peter Orins
Theater room for exibition opening from Frederic Le Junter

///19th, 20th, 21th/// 
Collectif déga!  I.R.M 
Images par Résonance Médiatique
Garage Oiseau-Mouche Roubaix (fr)


Next gig dec 13

/// 13th dec ///   Kortrijt @ Ciné Palace 
SILKEN TOFU Label Night with Filip GHEYSEN, Krystoff DORION
Tympani set
8 pm, 5 euros

/// 14th dec ///   Lille @ "Martin et Yasmine" 
Tympani set