ENTELECHY 1er album/first album endly!!!!!

I am proud to announce the release of my first solo album Entelechy.

It consists of 6 tracks, recorded between May and September 2012 at RTT and HS63 in Brussels. These two structures are both known for their eclectic artistic and music programs and located in buildings that make up part of Brussels’ industrial architectural landscape.
In part this album was influenced by a piece recorded by Fritz Hauser in a Bauhaus building of particular acoustic resonance.
I wanted this album to highlight the acoustic and historic resonances of the places in which it was recorded.
The mix favours a naturalistic approach, avoiding superfluous fireworks and allowing the instrument to reverberate and resonate in its own acoustic space.
The material for this album is the result of extensive solo work begun in Brussels 2010: the creation and development of a contemporary live-set built around improvisation using only percussive elements.
A variety of additional objects were used to create these pieces: “jazz” and “china” cymbals, cups, violin bow, bells, brushes, mallets, friction against drumskin…
All of this was then amplified and modulated through digital affects and amplifiers with which I treated the acoustic sounds of the drumkit in relation to the surrounding physical space.
The first edition of the album is a numbered limited edition of 60 copies all with handmade covers by CHENSKA.
It will, of course, be on sale at all future concerts and as a download on Bandcamp (see “SOUND”).
You can also contact me directly at jasonvangulick.drum@gmail.com