/// News nov 14 /// Next gig

I just joigned since last summer the french rock band BISON BISOU.
We start with some gigs in France.
All info here :

Next Gig : 
///7th nov/// Bison Bison@médiathèque Faches-Thumesnil 
Lille(fr) 6:30 pm free

///8th nov/// solo (tympani set)@ROCKERILL Noise Fest 
Charleroi (be) 9pm
///15th nov/// solo "Architectural Resonance"@Galerie ALBERT by le VECTEUR/INCISE Charleroi (be) 7:30 pm free
///28th nov/// Bison Bisou@La cave à Musique Macon (fr)
///29th nov/// Bison Bisou@Le Camji Niort (fr)
///4th dec/// Bison Bisou@Transmusicales Rennes (fr)