///news March 15///

March 19th : conference followed by a performance at the Faculty of Architecture of Mons.

Bison Bisou
For start watch this video about our gig at Transmusicales de Rennes dec 14 : https://vimeo.com/119425671

After a change of line-up, we will make our first gigs with our new guitarist Thomas on March 25th and 26th in Reims and Amiens.
We will rec 6 tracks for our album at LOCKGROOVE studio in Roncq.
Will ensue few dates in May and June.

Soleil Noir
After participating in their show Equinoxial "l'Entrepôt"  in Arlon (be) in March 14, the Luxembourg collective invited me to record percussion parts on their next album in Luxembourg city on April 15.
Vidéo EQUINOXIAL : https://vimeo.com/95942412

May 19th : I am invited by the SoundTrack Company participated in the event ((OW-AO)) # 3 which runs every night during the festival Musique Action Nancy.
I'd play duets with Floy Krouchi on a visual work of artist Antoine Schmitt.

Spring tour mai 15
We'll be on tour with Richard Comte (Hippie Diktat, Catapulte, ...)in Belgium and France between may 14th and  22nd with our respective solos.