Affichage des articles du janvier, 2015

///Happy new year///

/////////////////////////////////// NEWS /////////////////////////////////// Solo The first series of Architectural Resonance performances is fenced by providing Charleroi to Incise gallery ( : watching until the end there is a surprise :) Another series prepares for April-May 2015 that on March 17th at the St. Nicolas church in Mons . The performance will be preceded by a conference at the School of Architecture of Mons. Bison Bisou After a few gigs in France, particularly in Transmusicales Rennes are currently preparing the recording of some tracks. u Collectif Déga! After working on the MRI show in February 2014, we will be found to begin a new phase of work on new projects. In the meantime here's a video montage of the show: /////////////////////////////////// CONCERTS/GIGS ///////////////////////////