Affichage des articles du février, 2016

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February/// Février /// 9th/// Night of Druming III @Café Central Brussels (Be) ///10th/// Soleil Noir Carte Blanche @Mudam Luxembourg (Lu) /// 20th/// Tympani solo @festival Econore Mönchengladbach (Ger) /// 22th/// Tympani solo @Monolithe Nancy (Fr) ///23th/// Tympani solo @Fragment Metz (Fr) for "12h12" ///23th/// Tympani solo @La fache cachée Metz (Fr) TBC ///25th/// Tympani solo @La Rotonde Luxembourg (Lu) TBC ///27th/// Ed Wood Junior@ Biplan Lille March///Mars ///11th/// Tympani solo @superflux festival Tours ///17th///  Ed Wood Junior @Cirque Electrique Paris ///18th///  Ed Wood Junior @Strasbourg ///19th///  Ed Wood Junior @Trokson Lyon  ///23th/// SUM OF R @Zürich TBC ///27th/// Bison Bisou @Orpa Paris WIth CHVE (Amenr'a's screamer)@ la péniche Lille January 28th 16